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The project …….. is a linear structure which is transformed into an urban sculpture, which functions as a self-sustaining building formed by horizontal planes and vertical planes which are horizontal beams 5 sectors interrelated, which define different spatial and functional qualities, the fences or boundaries have varied. Although closely related modules function as both isolated elements in the sense that to be structurally self can be changed or removed without affecting the overall concept.

The objective of the proposal is to relate in a simple, modular and harmonious, a bike – coffee and a crossing point daily meeting for cyclists, pedestrians, children, youth and adults a place to converge closed and open spaces for exhibitions and events and a haven where people can relax and take over the space adapted to their physical and psychological needs.

The property can take a morning coffee or a bite on the way to work or school, enjoy a drink after work, chatting with friends about politics or football, rest along a bike ride or between stops , check emails on the wireless network, charge mobile phone, or laptop or electric bicycle, make a quick repair or air inflated tires.

The five sectors or modules offered are:

Informal meeting point.

– Designed in hybrid, half and half bank ladder, its configuration would cause group conversations. Younger users prefer an open and informal social contact. This space has wireless Internet, and various connections to recharge electric bikes and phones.

Wall exhibitions.

– Acts as a platform for rotating exhibitions of contemporary art (painting, photography, performance, visual art, etc…) Can be supplemented with various public programs.

Bicycle parking.

– The parking place is set vertically, this gives us the advantage of optimizing the available space. It has capacity for 36 bikes hanging that can be used as parking half and half as a point for bike rental.

Bike – café.

-The three modules become container glass boxes, with triple glazing airtight tube and aluminum frames with thermal break. Thus values are achieved excellent thermal insulating and yet are transparent. Ventilation was performed through a ventilation hatch that sits isolated by the window, while the heating is done by a floor heating system. These three glass cases are related by a roof containing photovoltaic panels that will be responsible for supplying electric power to the entire unit. On one side of a wall is installed to serve as a storage tank in the rainy season.

Functionally inside is ordered into three spaces, at one end of the bar with room to care appliances with low energy consumption, the environment space for diners with individual and group fixed tables. Each table contains devices for charging mobile electronic devices and finally the other end is placed a space where a machine self-service bicycles, Bike Fixtation.

Multipurpose space.

– Designed to accommodate various musical, theatrical, visual, etc… Or contemporary sculpture exhibition, but also as a shelter in case of rain or snow, as this covered space can function as tourist information booth or an area with coffee tables and chairs outdoor protection. It has to recharge electrical devices and electric bicycles moving around the object as a whole has access to wireless Internet.

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COCHABAMBA, Bolivia, Plurinational State of

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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