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Badges to gain bike supporters

Badges to gain bike supporters

Giving bagdes with the logo of our blog (with a beautiful bike on it) is not only a way of promotion of our blog “Muevete en bici por Madrid”, but also usefull to gain bike supporters.
We give these to taxi and bus drivers (if they are “friends with us”, we will cycle more safe), to cyclists (in gratitude for cycling), and celebrities (promotion).
More than 500 badges given already.

Who do we give these badges to? (and why?)

1. Taxi and bus drivers: they usually drive dangerously, being a threat to the cyclists integrity no matter the city we live in. But in Madrid we try to gain sympathy with them with these badges we give them in red traffic lights. It’s also a good opportunity to explain all about the 1,5m distance they need to keep when overtaking cyclists, etc.

2. Urban Cyclists: in gratitude for cycling.

3. Celebrities: because of its power to influence society (the first to receive it was the Spanish top model Eugenia Silva). We picture them and publish it in the blog with the badge.

RESULTS: More than 500 badges given already (that means I have around 180 € less in my bank account :)) and the number of bike supporters increasing everyday 🙂

The name of this campaign makes sense in Spanish. “Badge” is in Spanish “chapa”, and the expression “Give the bagde” in Spanish (“dar la chapa”) can also mean “be a pain in the neck”.

Another original idea by @yayel and promoted in “”

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