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Rodada de Altura

Rodada de Altura

How about a bike ride with your girlfriends wearing heels?
Riding a bike as a social activity lets you add pleasant experiences and views from different perspectives. What happens when femininity and woman strength summon on a bicycle? You get empowered women capable of showing their unique style.

For thousands of women who have the need of feeling safe and fulfilled in a society where their gender represents sensitive labor and social differences that have dictated their lives by stereotypes generated by decades, our annual event is an opportunity that allows participants to join an inclusive cycling movement internationally.

Many women share the same fears to commute alone by bike through an urban environment; the reasons range from insecurity, lack of support and sense of direction, to the uncertainty of being able to complete the distance, commuting time or physical effort required, including a gender related concern to attend to the workplace well-presented.

Mujeres en Bici A.C. is an inclusive group that promotes urban cycling in the female gender as a means of transportation placing the bicycle as a tool for independence, autonomy and empowerment. Through the event “Rodada de Altura ™ High Heels… the Engine of My Bike”, our group generates a massive concentration of female recreational cycling enthusiasts. This event invites other women to break down the barriers of distance and comfort by biking a 10 Km. ride, wearing high heels in a friendly and safe environment that enables them to be surrounded by hundreds of women. This event generates a sense of wonder in the participants who cycle through the streets, sharing enthusiasm, experience, and encourage more women to cycle on their own.

We have found beautiful stories of success and fulfillment in several women who, from this social event, have become a source of inspiration; the bicycle has touched the lives of women such as Alheli Trejo and Alejandra Castillo, Michelle Hernandez, Lucia Castro … (you can find their stories at )

Nowadays, there are more women transforming the vision of other people who commute by bicycle in the city because they transmit the necessary confidence to those who had ceased to use the bike, making it possible to come back to enjoy cycling in a safer place to roll.

Rodada de Altura ™ was conducted for the first time in 2011 in Mexico City with 180 participants. Thanks to the acceptance and continuity, the project increased to 2.271 participants distributed in 28 locations around Mexico, and seven more countries were interested in replicating this idea in 2012. Mujeres En Bici A.C. consolidated the interest of women in promoting the use of the bike through this initiative with 3.523 participants distributed in Mexico City, 24 more cities in Mexico, highlighting the participation of six Latin American countries such as Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela in 2013 .

Being awarded with the Visionary Awards will enable us to participate in the 2013 Velo-City conferences to promote permanence and continuity to this noble work, thus giving a further step toward gender equality in urban cycling.

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Fernanda Viguri

Mexico City, Mexico

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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