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velo station

The velo station is a service station for both, bicycle and human. It provides us with the opportunity to refill and service at neuralgic points. It gets your cycle ready for your next tour. Furthermore it is social space for the urban community. Velo station is the answer to empty petrol stations of the post-oil society. It can be seen as a cooperative architecture for the cycle at the same time

The converted petrol station shall be situated at the crossroads of greenland and urban environment.

There it enables transformation or changing at viral crossroads (cycle lanes, public transport).

This cooperative architecture is to fullfill basically three functions: filling-up, service and social space.

This applies to both bicycles and people. The velo station offers possibility to fill up air and electricity for e-bikes and mobile phones, as well as to fill up water and energy for the cyclist (through cereal bar and the like). Moreover the velo station is meant to offer space for activities which may account for problems in an average innercity flat – cleaning the bike, oiling, small repairs and actions that might became difficult when „on-the-road“ – toilet, first aid, purchasing spare parts etc.

This remeaning of such a widespread architecture, being virtually opposed to cycling would also mean that a small urban space could be reconquered by people. A desireable side-effect would be the fact that the bicycle and its users became visible again – automatically.

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Katharina Roser

Wien, Austria

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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