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Bicicooperativa Urbana

Bicicooperativa Urbana

We are a group of young cyclists promoting a different lifestyle and offering a space to bike around the city and to create a social conscience about economy and people.Our goal is to encourage the use of bicycles in business and social activities in Mexico City.
We established as a cooperative because it fosters economic solidarity, generates dignified jobs and social welfare.

Why on a bike?

Bicycles are great tools for generating jobs, improving mobility, as a zero-emission transportation and as a complement to a healthier and active life.

Bicicooperativa Urbana is an environment-friendly cooperative created in 2011 with our values nested in mutual aid, responsibility, equality and solidarity.

Our products and services are flexible as we seek to satisfy the needs of our customers in a one-on-one manner.

As a community-focused cooperative part of our earnings are directed to social projects that benefit our city.

External collaborators get their earnings based on the project or work done.

We are the first cooperative in México that aims to create the largest and highest amount of bicycle-related projects.

A percentage of our earnings are destined to a common fund for the development of new projects.

One of our goals is to consolidate at least one project per year that is generated independently and has an assigned coordinator.

Our projects are:





Offers courier and parcel services using bikes as our primary vehicle in Mexico City and the metropolitan area.

Our priority is meeting the needs of our customers and to give confidence to our clients that our prices will be fair and correlated with the distance travelled.

Our current affiliations with government offices gives rise to an environmentally friendly culture.

BicienVía is currently working with the city hall delivering documents to people who requested them vía internet.

Advantages of Bicienvia:

• Collaborate with other cooperatives.

• 100% eco-friendly transportation service that helps to reduce carbon emissions.

• Personalized deliveries

• Part of our earnings are directed to more projects towards sustainable mobility.

• Fair prices


Bicycle repair services at home, replacement parts, accessories, maintenance and roadside assistance in certain zones of Mexico City.

Advantages of SERBICI:

• Bicycle maintenance for people who do not have time to go to a conventional shop.

• Emergency assistance for users that use the bike as their primary method of transportation.

• Free advice and training about basic bicycle repairs.

• Maintenance where and when the client asks us while adjusting to their schedule.

• We maintain our principle of fair prices.

• We advise our clients in selecting safer and reliable accessories and provide them at competitive prices.


Aims to generate cutting-edge services for bikers mainly focused in bike parking lots.

Advantages of PAUSAR:

• Our bike parking lots are designed by and for cyclists, bearing in mind their needs.

• We have an alliance with industrial designers for our furniture to be resistant and safe.

• We can negotiate with the authorities about installing the parking lots so that they are located in the best place.

• Our parking lots are modular so they adapt to the needs of each customer.

• Aimed for government departments, private offices, shops and residential buildings.

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Jessica Ramirez

Mexico City, Mexico

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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