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Bicicletas Integradas de Bogotá

Bicicletas Integradas de Bogotá

Bicicletas Integradas de Bogotá (BiBo) is a company of young Colombian entrepreneurs, aims to establish an innovator bike sharing scheme, more adaptable, accessible and with greater contribution of private enterprises. All this project born because we firmly believe that the bike is a social transformation instrument and a transport model that reinforces social equity and environmental conscience.

Bogotá is a city whose urban planning focuses its priorities on private car mobility, the percentage of road infrastructure used daily with respect at the percentage of motorized travels is disproportionate, 20% of the trips made by motorized vehicles occupy 42% of the roads and highways; as a result, urban chaos, low efficiency, hostility and immeasurable contamination. This generates an inequitable and exclusionary city that does not provide proper spaces for the use of alternative modes of vehicles which could contribute in many ways for a better urban mobility, traffic pacification, higher productivity and less deterioration of the roads.

Currently is estimated that Bogotá has a network of cycle roads between 340 and 370 km, considered one of the world´s longest roads for bikes, nevertheless only 3% of the daily trips are made in bikes. The reasons of having low rates of use are several, however BiBo is focused on providing a better infrastructure for whose are not habitually bicycle users, additionally we are working to switch the stigmatization of the bicycle as mode of transport for poor people up to give it social status, modern and fashionable values.

We started this project providing a bike sharing system to private enterprises, universities, schools and malls. In this first phase the service consist on install our station (named “Punto.bibo”) at the client space integrating this station to the others, creating an integrating network which in the beginning are not entirely public but collective. We are in charge of the reparations, maintenance, redistribution and general operation of the points.

The stations are specially designed by us, the electric folding bicycles are provide by a local supplier, additionally we develop education campaigns for every client, offering not only an excellent operation response but also giving to user’s awareness to the profits of cycling; as a consequence, creating a collective force that not only uses the bicycle but educates society through responsible, educated and committed behavior.

The stations are modular, allowing us to adapt them in small areas and facilitating the addition or subtraction of the racks. The electric folding bicycles give to our users the opportunity to be transported through the city optimizing their energy to reach their workplace, executive meetings or personal responsibilities without a representative physical effort, also they can easily integrate to the others ways of transportation, moreover they do not have to worry that their bikes need some type of reparation because the service has the capability of having an immediate reaction and replace the broken bike.

Users can use the service through any device with Internet access, they have to login in our website and the system automatically will assign them a bike, they also can book, return or report any type of incident getting an immediate response. This technical development gives complete information about the point that the client has hired. By other side this advance also give us a huge opportunity of growing faster and in a more organized and efficient way.

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Diego F Aldana Espinosa

Bogota, Colombia

Category: Science, Research and Development

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