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China Mao Suit Run / Vintage ride

China Mao Suit Run / Vintage ride

Beijing Mao Suit Run reminds the days when Beijing’s streets were ruled by bicycles. Riders dress in vintage Chinese style – preferably a ‘Mao Suit’ worn during the bicycle’s hey days in 70s and 80s – or, classic tweed. A new Chinese cycling culture emerges and fashion is well-established mainstream. Combined, they will grow cycling’s profile and re-visit positive memories of the bicycle.

Beijing Mao Suit Run / Vintage ride is a social sculpture merging the positive remembrance of the bygone Chinese urban cycling cultures, European influence of the tweed ride and the emerging hip urban cycling cultures in China.

Beijing too has its own unique cycling culture and this event is a throwback to the days when the cities streets were ruled by bicycles and cycling a major means of transportation.

The Beijing Mao Suit run was inspired by the London Tweed Run in its efforts to recreate the style and simplicity of a bygone era where the bicycle was a major means of transportation. Participants are encouraged to dress in vintage Chinese style – our preference is the ubiquitous Mao Suit in all its forms which almost every rider was wearing in the hey day of the bicycle in 70′s and 80′s – or wear classic tweed, part of a growing European vintage trend moving through China’s hip and young trail blazers.

A new Chinese bicycle movement is in its infancy but fashion a well-established mainstream trend. Combining the two will significantly help grow the profile of cycling and re-visit the positive memory that all Chinese have of the bicycle.

SERK space functions as a place for catalytic exchange between traditional and modern cycling cultures in Beijing, China. SERK is a hybrid space between bar/cafe, meeting point, bike shop and working space inserted into Beijing’s inner Hutong district DongCheng. It provides manifold potentials for enriching Beijing’s cycling cultures and is a great leap forward to making cycling sexy (again) in China.

SERK is a basis for the work of China’s first cycling NGO – Smarter Than Car (STC) – founded in Beijing in 2010. For the work of Smarter Than Car this new space will allow for new kind of advocacy work as SERK space enhances bicycle cultural diversity in Beijing  and creates a physical space communicating a cycling lifestyle to the urban context of Beijing.

700 bike is China’s first fashion bike sharing platform, promoting bike culture in China.


北京复古骑行可以被看做是一个中国城市单车文化的公共雕塑,它让中国人把对自行车的美好记忆重新诠释出来,同时延伸到欧洲单车复古风和当今时髦单车文化。北京有着深厚的自行车文化, 这个活动把大家带回到北京自行车的鼎盛时期, 那时候自行车是道路的主人翁。 北京复古骑行的灵感来自于伦敦的tweed run. 活动参与者穿上自行车王国鼎盛时期-六七十年代的服装-中山装,或着传统的tweed服装, 骑上那个年代的单车, 骑行穿越当今时尚街区,仿佛穿越了时空。在中国新兴的自行车文化还是初始阶段, 但是时尚已经不是什么新生事物了。把单车和时尚融合在一起,可以积极地推动自行车的文化形象, 让大家重温那段自行车的美好记忆。

Serk空间是一个传统与现代的自行车文化推动和交流空间。它坐落于中国北京。 Serk空间是一个多元化的空间,它既是一个咖啡厅,酒吧,又是一家车店,同时是工作室,隐秘在北京老城区的一条胡同中。 它为丰富北京的自行车文化和再塑造自行车的时尚形象做出很大贡献。 Serk空间是中国第一个致力于自行车文化的非盈利组织-比车牛(STC)的基地。 这个组织2010年成立。 这个新的空间为比车牛组织提供了更宽广的工作平台。 Serk空间为北京的自行车文化添加了丰富多彩的一笔,它让大家能够惬意地在此交流城市单车生活。

700bike 是中国首个潮流单车分享平台, 致力于推广单车文化。

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Shannon Bufton

Beijing, China

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