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Cycle Space

I am a professor of architecture and urban design, and author of the first book to examine the ramifications of bike transport for built environment theories. It was published and released in the Netherlands by that country’s leading architectural press in Oct 2012, and comes out in the US in Feb 2013. This award would help me raise awareness of cycling among architects and urban designers.

NAi010 Publishers in the Netherlands are regarded by many as the most influential publishing house in the fields of architecture and urban design, having published such classics as Herman Hertzberger’s Lessons for Students in Architecture, Rem Koolhaas’s S,M,L,XL and MVRDV’s FARMAX. The flagship title in their Fall 2012 catalogue was Cycle Space: Architecture and Urban Design in the Age of the Bicycle.

In it I announce cycling as the main agenda impacting architecture and urban design in the 2000s, occasioning a paradigm shift. The experience of pedestrians underpinned cutting edge design theory from the time of Jane Jacobs, and the car driving experience inspired avant-gardists from the time of Le Corbusier; now the experience of cyclists is the most vital one for leading edge theorists. Cycling combines the mobility of driving with the access of walking, to create a healthy, green, and economically superior mode, but one that brings with it the challenge (and fun) of designing to please a uniquely endowed user of cities and buildings.

The chapters of Cycle Space work through design tactics underway and to come, as architects and urban designers lend their weight to the renaissance in cycling. Like every agenda these professions have backed in the past, cycling will capture the public imagination as never before, now that designers are lending it their visionary power.

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Dr. Steven Fleming

Launceston, Australia

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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