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Georgia in Dublin, Cycle Rain wear

Georgia in Dublin, Cycle Rain wear

Georgia in Dublin presents a range of elegant, waterproof coats, jackets and accessories with high visibility detail, designed to encourage women to cycle whatever the weather without having to compromise on style and comfort.

Georgia in Dublin was launched in December 2009 in response to what we perceived to be a lack of elegant cycling rain wear for women. We wanted to create an alternative to boxy rain jackets and builder’s high viz vests. We envisaged a range of clothing that women could wear both cycling and walking to work or to the theatre,  wherever, whatever the weather. We wanted to help elevate and celebrate the bike as a means of transport for women as well as men.

Most of our products are designed to have two functions at least! The Dorothy Cover protects the contents of your bike basket from rain, wind, hopping out going over bumps and indeed theft while also doubling as a drawstring bag to put your other rain wear, lights, hats, gloves etc. in. Similarly the Rainwrap can be worn over skirts and trousers keeping your legs dry while cycling and walking and it also doubles as a picnic blanket.

Some but not all of its other uses can be seen in the Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap video

All of our products are designed and the prototypes made by us here in Dublin. Sustainability is important to us and we use good quality cloth and collect used inner tubes from bike shops to make fasteners for the Dublette jacket and soles for the Leggits.

The Leggits won an iF International Design Award for design innovation and production quality at Eurobike 2011 and we won a Brand New Award at the Munich Bike Expo in 2011 for the Georgia in Dublin range. The Rainwrap and Leggits were also featured in The Bike Book (TeNeues), a feast of bike and accessory design.

We feel that while cycling is gaining popularity there are still many who choose the car for even short trips and so we will continue in our light hearted but earnest efforts to lure them onto two wheels!

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Georgia Scott

Dublin, Ireland

Category: Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

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