Cycling Visionaries Awards – Project Details

Arma la Bici

Arma la Bici

The project aim is to increase youth capacity to play a productive role in the community by means of a comunitary bicycle workshop. The project will take the attention of the citizens and will make a strong statement on how this bicycle project is a model to mitigate the community-level impact of crime and violence.

Cultura Pro-Bici A.C. is a non-lucrative organization and is focused on promoting bicycles to commute. There is a place called la casa de la bici that belongs to Cultura Pro-Bici A.C. which is both bicycle workshop and a place for bicycle travelers to stay for a couple of days. Unfortunatelly this workshop has very few clients. The project will consist in a campaign of urban cycling and several courses on urban cycling and bicycle workshop.

The project will teach young people how to put together bicycles and to make a living out of it. The objective of making a living out of a bicycle workshop will be archived when people concieve the bicycle as the personal mobility dispositive. The project will involve local authorities and other civil organizations that work on transport themes. For example it will involve one course with Mujeres en Bici A.C. wich is an expert on teaching urban cycling techniques.

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