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Bike your way around

Bike your way around

The aim of this 2 minute video is to raise awareness of how fast, practical, and healthy cycling is thereby stressing the importance of cycling, promoting it and striving to institutionalise the culture of cycling amongst the student population in Novi Sad.

In order to support establishment of the cycling culture among new students of the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) this short video presents cycling as the best commuting option. In less than 2 minutes, cycling is highlighted as the fastest, the healthiest, and the cheapest commuting option in the City of Novi Sad. Also, the video contains useful information on the existing bicycling infrastructure, on available cycling services in Novi Sad and a few general pieces of advice.

Why we made this video? An attitude towards cycling and the lack of information about the existing cycling infrastructure and services could very often be serious deterrents in deciding to ride a bicycle or not. In order to overcome these barriers among the student population of the University of Novi Sad (around 50.000) since the very first day of their academic life, we made a short informative video. The video is supposed to be presented each year to new students (or exchange students) during the ‘’welcome ceremony’’, when students are being introduced to a lot of information related to university services. In this way, we are trying to support institutionalisation of cycling among the student population.

We find the use of visual media an adequate and efficient way to spread information among the student population. Being creative, simple to follow and not tedious, this video is sure to catch the students’ attention.

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Novi Sad Bicycling Initiative

Novi Sad, Serbia

Category: Advocacy and Social Projects

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