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The project aim is to create a shared bicycle system. One of the principles for a sustainable mobility is the use of bicycle to commute. Commuting in bicycle makes move livable streets and provides people a simpler, cheaper, easier, faster, efficient and convenient way to move around in short trips. This vehicle helps to develop local economy since it increases the accessibility of people to a la

This project is aimed on the generation of a program which encourages the use of bicycle and discourages the use of car, to make streets the meeting place for people. Public Bicycle Mobility Program will operate with 30 bicycles which could be used to make 150 daily cero co2 emission trips. 3 customer service stands will be installed. This stands will have logbook so that its capacity is daily recorded. INAH would backup stand specifications and municipal administration would issue authorization letters for installation to be completed. The objective of this project is to establish 3 customer services stands with an attention schedule from 8 am to 8 pm. In order to fulfill this objective it will be necessary to purchase 30 bicycles, and to have a signed agreement with municipal administration during first 2 months and 3 assigned spaces in downtown for local government for public recreation of more than 1500 citizens weekly. Second objective is implementation of a mechanism to increase bicycle safety. This mechanism will include a bicycle security campaign and the good use of bicycle promotion. Third objective is promoting this mobility program which encourages the bicycle to commute in local media and internet.

Increase of people going in and out downtown in more efficient times which activates local economy would be a verifiable trace. A report containing daily bicycle trip amount within the perimeter during project implementation will be elaborated. A forum will be arranged in which the consciousness of abuse of fossil fuel and the promotion of bicycle to commute will be discussed. A foregoing is our work with municipal administration obtaining good results in bicycle loaning number, but due to a change in municipal administration the project had no continuity. We cannot depend on government with different interest; we have to collaborate with private initiative.

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Alejandro Hernandez Olalde

Queretaro, Mexico

Category: Science, Research and Development

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