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Bikesplorations connects youth, bicycling, education, health, training about the built environment & related careers. Using cycling as a mode of transportation & a symbol for change, youth begin to think about why their environments look the way they do. Youth engaged in positive physical activities with exposure to mentors and professionals, will expand their vision for who they can be.

Bikesplorations is a program for high school students that makes the connections between how the city is designed and how healthy its people and environment can be. Students get bicycles and learn how to safely cycle on city streets.

The bicycle becomes a learning tool to reinforce and motivate. It makes immediate the impact of public decisions about siting bike lanes, greenways, and parks. Students first learn

through what professionals have done and then engage with professionals about their profession. We balance rides, interviews and exercises in mapmaking and analysis. At the end of the program students will share their explorations, research, and proposals with the community as they lead a bike tour of their own. We hope to send them back to school able to synthesize information to propose new design and or policy interventions.

Bikesplorations teaches the rudiments of a first-year urban planning course: public speaking, drawing, mapmaking, and critical thinking. Students learn that development is the result of

a decision making process. Students will leave the program knowing how to take part in the process as well as how to advocate for changes that they would like to see take place. As we elicit a love for physical activity, we also nurture a commitment to long-term skilled advocacy.

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Karyn Williams

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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