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Cletofilia Urban Cycling Magazine

Cletofilia is a website and an e-magazine that combines two passions: urban cycling and journalism, with the sole aim of promoting the culture of cycling as transportation in Mexico.



Our name is a word I invented. In Mexico, some people call to the bicycles as “cletas”. In spanish the word for bicycle is “biciCLETA”. Then we took the greek root word “filia” that means “love or passion for something”. So that is the meaning of our name: CLETO-FLILIA “Passion for the bicycle”.


Cletofilia was born in 2009 with the vision of being a media to document the cyclist activity in Mexico. So first, I started a website by myself.


Cletofilia.Com is our space in internet where we share news of the groups who promote urban cycling in all Mexico, also reviews of bicycles, a weekly agenda of the main cycling activities in the country, tips for safety rides in the city and interviews with people who motivate to other persons to use the bicycle as a vehicle for commute.

– The sections of Cletofilia.Com

* Ciudad (City): News of the different cities in Mexico who are making efforts for promote the bicycle as a mode of transportation.

* Historias (Stories): Interviews with people who promote cycling. News of activities of other countries about promoting urban cycling.

* Bicis y accesorios (Bikes and components): Reviews of the newest bicycles and products.

* Tips: Articles for a better and safe rides in the city.

* Agenda (Events): A weekly agenda of the best cycling activities in Mexico

* Movilidad (Mobility): News about other groups who promote better and more human cities trough mobility actions.

* Sprint: A section for those who also like the cycling as sport. Mountain bike, road, BMX, track cycling news.

* Blogs: We also have three blogs.

– Este Cleto Vende (This cyclists sells). A forum for share bicycles and accesories for sale.

– El pedal en la espinilla (The pedal on the shin). The directors blog, who share personal stories related with the bicycle

– Promociclos. A collection of Advertising related with bicycles.

Now a days we have a big group of readers. More than 7,000 exclusive readers in our website every month, almost 4,000 Twitter followers and more than 6,500 Facebook followers are joining our passion: Ride our bikes in the cities of Mexico.


We publish this magazine monthly and dedicate every issue to a main topic. We seek to share deep stories with a very good quality of journalism.

This magazine is our best example of our goal: combine journalism and cycling for generate culture. Mexico is not a country of readers. Books are expensive and television is the main channel of comunication. However we believe that a good quality magazine can be an important tool for change the vision of bicycles as alternative vehicle for move in the cities. We take great care to make an editorial design truly attractive.

We distribute our magazine trough the plataform Scribd.Com, in PDF format. Our magazine is free and all the contents are under a Creative Commons license.

Some of the topics we had share with our E-Magazine:

– Mexican women activists of the bicycle (ISSUE 12)

– Mexican musicians who ride bicycles (ISSUE 13)

– Bicycle theft prevention (ISSUE 14)

– Urban cycling in the peripheries of Mexico City (ISSUE 18)

– Hoy to ride with your dog (ISSUE 6)

I firmly believe that journalism is a tool that can generate culture and change ways of thinking and acting.


After four years, I have a team of 6 people (and good friends) who share the same passion. This is one of my most great achievements, give jobs to those who love write about bicycles.

I can say that now we are generating readers and bike lovers in our country!

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