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Busy Basket – an innovative carrier for laptop bags and briefcases on the bicyle

Have you ever tried carrying a laptop or a briefcase on a bicycle? If you have, you are probably familiar with the difficulties involved. It can be hard, cumbersome and unsafe.

The bag just does not fit in the existing basket models. If you hang it on the handlebar it unbalances you and makes you sway while riding. Even if you have a rear rack it is hard to affix it there and the bag may even fall off unnoticed because you cannot see it.

Riding a bicycle to and from work daily, I was faced with the same problem. That motivated me to come up with Busy basket – the basket for carrying a laptop or briefcase on a bicycle.

Busy Basket is an innovatively shaped bicycle basket made of plastic-coated steel wire with a securing plastic buckle belt. It’s intended to carry a laptop bag, business briefcase or any other rectangular bag on a bicycle. It is handlebar mounted and fits all kinds of bicycles. Its shape and dimensions are adjustable to fit different bag sizes, as well as being made in various colours.

Busy Basket is firm, light and can be easily mounted on the great majority of women’s and men’s bicycle models. It can be easily adjusted to securely and firmly accommodate various bag sizes and shapes. It is made of plastic-coated steel wire with a securing belt and plastic buckle. The weight of the bag or a briefcase is symmetrically distributed so it does not hinder the rider.

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Diana Pečkaj Vuković

Zagreb, Croatia

Category: Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

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