Cycling Visionaries Awards – Project Details

A Vision on Rio’s Cycling Future!

A Vision on Rio’s Cycling Future!

A small group of keen cyclists had a vision about cycling mobility in Rio. It was before Rio became the host city for Fifa World Cup and Olympic Games. Now more than ever the need for changes in mobility is a big issue to the city. With a positive and collaborative advocacy, Transporte Ativo (Active Transportation) has found its way and is going beyond expectations, helping transform the city!

The main focus is to prepare the city for this new reality. Technicians, politicians, citizens everybody needs to understand the benefits of cycling for themselves, for city and for the planet.

Transporte Ativo get facts and figures to the city administration, public transport concessionaires and companies, that they never had access before, like Bicycle Counts (we made a guide in different languages which could be replicated), Cargo Bike Surveys, Mapping, XXI Century up-to-date mobility information and trends.

This strategy made us a Rio’s City Government Partner – they consult us for any new bicycle project – provided us with two National Bicycle Advocacy prizes, one from ANTP, the National Public Transport Association, and other from Pedala Brazil, a Brazilian consortium of bicycle manufacturers. Recently we received a Tribute from Shimano Latin America and a Certificate of Honor from Rio de Janeiro’s Municipality for our commitment and dedication to the development of cycling in Rio and Brazil.

Despite the fact that Brazil have a strong car-centered culture, we are having success in Rio de Janeiro City and everything we do can be done by any advocacy group with easy, that’s why Advocacy and Social projects category was chosen.

For this to be possible also to new bicycle advocacy groups that are emerging in Brazil as well, in March we will hold training for these civil society organizations, in order to raise the quality of cycling promotion in Brazil.

We are not focused in claim and complaint. We keep trying to be always ahead of the municipality, presenting them the possibilities that are to come, in a modern and collaborative way.

Everything with only one ideal: To put more people on more bikes more often!

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