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B'IQ Recro

B’IQ Recro

On the basis of old frames we create modern and highly functional bikes – individually and with ‘soul’.. Each bicycle is build after a detailed design concept to match his story. You get an absolutely unique, which is not only optically a real highlight! A combination of recycled materials and the latest technology…..

RECRO is our vision for the area of the city bikes.

All manufacturers offer bikes for the city. The difference is mostly in the industrial production of just the logo. The look is more reminiscent of gray dusty city pigeons.

We should look a different idea of ​​how a beautiful city bike! Cycling is fun keeps you fit and healthy … and just see our RECRO series also!

By a comfortable seating position of the bikes RECRO series to drive comfortably and thanks to modern components specially travel fast. The look embodies what brings a RECRO BiQ – joy!

RECRO means revival.

As the basis for models of the series are old frame with soul and history. We give them a second chance – a new Clothes, to experience more exciting adventures with their new owners!

The special appearance is created by the specially selected components. Many are specially made for us to creatively and functionally perfect to fit the frame. Even in relation to similar features models differ significantly by their vintage frame. All versions of the series are thus RECRO unrepeatable unique.

The exciting thing about our bikes is the combination of retro looks with modern and highly functional components. So are perfectly aligned for urban mobility and make sure for cheerful attention on the city!

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Marcin Dopieralski

Vienna, Austria

Category: Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

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