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Soundbike Orchestra

Since I make bicycles that sound the way you drive them, i made records from driving my way. Imagine all basic parts of a guitar mounted on a bike. Speed, spoke-tension and frame become part of the instrument. I can drive with my headphones on and listen to all mechanics and moving parts on my bike. A small amplifier with a mixer makes my soundbike to a real accurate sporty instrument.

In a bigger sense the soundbike is a project that allows me to interpret the street as the biggest score of the world. A great way not avoiding bumps and holes because this is part of the variation of my soundtrack and the score i`m driving. I made 6 different systems to listen to the movement of the bike. But i^m still researching more ways to get autonomous sound out of all parts of the bike. The variety seems unending and it becomes part of my identity. Also the bike is part of my stage setup when I make concerts and workshops. My dream would be that all bikes sound (which in any case they tend to do already now) on purpose and with refined tuning and specific sounddesign. The soundbike is still a bike and is still complying traffic laws and moves without extra friction. My research goes on by driving different roads and find fellow soundbikers that have similar experiences. My goal is to power a bike and enhance it with even computer aided soundprocessing to have more sensors and sounds reacting to my physical input. The audio-bio-feedback that is emerging has a great inpact on the movement and motivation of my drive. A form to share these experiences would be to make more bikes and start soundbiking together to form an orchestra or soundgroup together. This will be an experience people won`t forget. Sound is spread in a playfull way and can twist the dull and monotonous traffic sound. A major enhancement for culture, safety and audio-sportivity.

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Kaspar Koenig

Zürich, Switzerland

Category: Science, Research and Development

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