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muchars altbaukriterium

“altbaukriterium” is a Series of Indoor Bicycleraces staged mainly at apartments in old buildings but also in Bars, Workshops or Basements, almost every cycleable indoorvenue.
Regular races consist of 2 heats, each 2 minutes, with one Rider on the track trying to do as many turns as possible. Touching walls or the Ground results in a 1 Lap penalty for each contact.

It all began on a rainy day in the Spring of 2010 when one of muchar’s residents glued a tubular for the first time onto the rearwheel of a racebike from the 70ies, which he had gotten for free since the owner had no use for it anymore.

Since it rained but the tire and the bike had to be testdriven, no matter what, despair arose. To take the bike outside in the rain would have been an insult to the previous owner and all the efforts he had made to keep the great condition the Peugeot was in. So the testride was done first in one room then extended to the kitchen and another room and one month later the first “altbaukriterium” was held.

Two and a half years or twentythree races in Graz, London and Vienna in apartments, art galleries, an underg(r)ound parking lot, a crèperie, bars, an animalclinic, a concert venue and many untypical cyclingtracks later we learned that bicycle racing is not restricted to roads, mountains or velodromes and neither is restricted what can be accomplished by people who love bicycles and enjoy the thrill of racing them, no matter if the bikes or the racetrack were built for it. The whole thing took off when a video was accepted for the bicyclefilmfestivalcollection 2012, bikesmutfilmfestival2012, many articles in international bicyclemagazines, Austrian newspapers and loads of websites. We also started biuld and recycle our bikes and cycling became a huge issue in everyday life.

A main issue and motivation for us is to show how much fun cycling is and neither the bike nor the the track is important but the love to bikes and the challenge of riding them under different conditions.

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