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Modular Bike Base = Green Cities

Self-sufficient bike base designed as a sustainable and repeatable building accompanying the bike paths on the green cities.
The Program
• A meeting point for cyclists, a place for refreshment and rest.
• Servicing bicycles and electrical bicycles,
• Free wireless internet connection,
• Charging batteries for computers, mobile phones.
• Charging for electrical bicycles and motorcycles.


The bicycle, an increasingly important element in the functioning of the contemporary city. A healthy and ecological response with direct benefits in their users and their environment.

We understand that each bike is like a little seed of pure and clean energy in constant motion, a dynamic component that spreads through the city like as a paradigm, as a lifestyle, in a world in need of green solutions that change the environmental quality of the planet. That’s why the Bike Base is conceived as a vibrant place, an activity center that generated and potency the encounter between people who choose to be part of that change.

The Urban Icon

From a morphological-technical exploration of composition and constructive links, surge a high semantic urban image, alluding to the DYNAMISM as a quality that represent to the cycling. It´s a domino of boxes, elevated and supported on one another, responding to two main design premises: obtain height to establish the bike base as a recognizable urban icon into the bike lanes and the whole city and generate more hierarchy in the interior space, enriching it through the diagonal lines obtained by tilting modules, allowing new uses and differentiation of functions.

The inside-outside interaction is based on curiosity and surprise as mobilizers that urge to explore. New perspectives and transparencies are open through the proposal. Indoor activities are partially shown

Green Solutions

– Easy transport and assembly.

– Three container modules forms the entire proposal.

– Active and pasive energy efficiency. Solar panels on the roof, natural ventilation by convection and acrylic enclosure with air chamber to acclimate indoor environments.


Guillermo Nicolas Goddio – Sosa Ramiro José

Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo

Universidad Nacional del Litoral.

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Guillermo Nicolas Goddio

Santa Fe, Argentina

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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