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Bike Base Ljubljana

A cafe/bike workshop/meeting place for cyclists next to one of the main bicycle paths in Ljubljana. Variable structure offering different configurations for every event related to the bike culture.



Basic modular unit gives me immediately an image of what it is derived from – transportation containers stacked on ships or on back of trucks – and characteristics and qualities that belong to it. Mobility, instability, variability. That is what the design tries to follow.

Three basic units are put on wheels and can be set to various configurations by moving them along two rails. Each one creates a specific space for different use. The containers remain mobile.


Maximum of space of the unit is used by placing insulated Trimo façade panels on the outside of its skeleton. Wheels are attached to the lower joints and are hidden in the façade. Sides by which the containers are adjacent to each other are filled with transparent foil panels that can be open and rolled up/closed by waterproof zippers.


Approach of the design is to minimize the energy consumption – it uses a thicker thermal insulation than usual units, no extra heating should be needed. It is connected to a trafo station nearby – solar energy is not 100% reliable in this scale of project. Every part can be easily installed/replaced and removed.

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Martin Gabaš

Hostivice, Czech Republic

Category: Urban Planning and Urban Design

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