Mikael Colville-Andersen


CEO Copenhagenize Consulting

Mikael Colville-Andersen is an urban mobility expert and CEO for Copenhagenize Consulting. He is often referred to as Denmark’s Bicycle Ambassador, and is one of the leading voices in urban planning and reestablishing the bicycle as transport on the urban landscape. Colville-Andersen is an influential and much sought after keynote speaker and he gives talks around the world about bicycle culture, design and social media.

Colville-Andersen and his team advise cities and towns around the world regarding bicycle planning, infrastructure and communication strategies. They apply their marketing expertise to campaigns that sell bicycle culture and bicycle transport to a mainstream audience, not least with the famous Cycle Chic brand.

The Copenhagenize.com blog, started in 2007, is an influential channel for encouraging cycling as a normal transport form and CopenhagenCycleChic.com has been a leading cycling and style website for over five years.

In addition to Colville-Andersen’s talks and colourful writing, Copenhagenize’s work ranges from implementing safe routes to schools and putting bicycles on Sao Paulo’s school curriculum, to making best-practice Master Plans in urban transportation.

Together with the Dutch consultancy Mobycon, Copenhagenize Consulting gives Master Classes in bicycle policy and planning to planners and engineers around the world.

In Dublin and Bordeaux, two of the most inspiring emerging bicycle cultures, Colville-Andersen has served as a consultant, encouraging and motivating decision makers to design their city for the future.

Colville-Andersen is forever inspired by the people he meets, and the need for making their cities more human. This resounds in his passion for the work he does, as he vows to continue working until every city is a bicycle-friendly liveable place for its citizens.