Ayfer Baykal


Technical and Environmental Mayor, City of Copenhagen.

Ayfer Baykal (born 1976) has a background as an intercultural social worker and was elected for the City Council in Copenhagen in 2009. Before she took up the Mayor’s office she was the political and budget spokesman for the Socialist People’s Party in Copenhagen (2009-11).

Copenhagen has been a cycling city for many years and Ayfer Baykal wants to develop this cycle culture and take it into the future. One of Copenhagen’s visions is to become carbon neutral by 2025 and more trips done by bike will contribute crucially to this. To create a green and liveable city Ayfer Baykal believes that it is necessary to prioritize cycling, walking and use of public transport.She is willing to prioritize cycling and is focused on creating a better infrastructure in Copenhagen. This should e.g. be done through creating a safe network of wide cycle tracks, more streets without cars and dynamic ITS solutions for cyclists, e.g. green waves – and even four lane freeways for cyclists where necessary.

To Ayfer Baykal it is important that cycling is for everybody – both the business woman on her way to a meeting, the father cycling slowly with his child to school and the many students in Copenhagen. Besides the infrastructure this ambition calls for initiatives that focus on the mobility behaviour of the Copenhageners.