Per Ankersjö


Vice-Mayor for Urban Development, City of Stockholm

Per Ankersjö is Vice-Mayor of the City of Stockholm, Sweden, member of the Stockholm City Council and the Council of Mayors. He is Group Leader of Centerpartiet (Cetre Party), holds the District Chair Stockholm (Centerpartiet), the Chair of the Environmental Health Committee and of the Urban Environmental Advisory Board. Per Ankersjö serves also as a member of the Crisis Management Board.

His ideas concerning cycling issues are forward-looking. Stockholm aims at being a fossil free city by 2050:

“Stockholm will soon have more than one million residents. In order to sustain a healthy environment and to avoid increased traffic congestion we need to improve our cycling infrastructure. The potential is great since it takes less than 30 minutes to get to work by bicycle for 80 percent of all Stockholmers.

As a vice mayor of Stockholm, I have been a proud cycling advocate. It is absolutely necessary to transform the way our traffic system works. In Stockholm, we have set high climate standards and our goal is to be a fossil fuel free city by 2050. But, in order to accomplish this, car-dependence needs to decrease while other modes of transport increase. This will also limit congestion since bicycles are a lot more space efficient than cars.

In Stockholm, we have decided to invest heavily in bicycle infrastructure within the next few years. Amongst other projects, we will invest one billion Swedish crowns in new bicycle lanes, to improve guide-posts, erect service stations and expand bicycle parking in strategic locations all over the city. We are also working on a bicycle strategy in order to ensure a maximum return on the resources that we are investing.

There is still more to be done, but I’m confident that we will reach our goal of becoming one of the world’s greatest bicycle cities. What is most important now is to establish a new way of thinking: that more biking leads to a better environment, less congestions and a more enjoyable city.”