Bernhard Ensink


Secretary General of the European Cyclists’ Federation ECF

Bernhard Ensink has since May 2006 been Secretary General of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) and Velo-City Series Director. He was previously Director of the Fietsersbond (the Dutch Cyclists’ association (1998 – 2006), interim director of the Milieufederatie Groningen (the Dutch Environmental NGO in the province of Groningen). He has been Vice Mayor of the Dutch city of Coevorden (1994-1998), where his responsibilities included public affairs, spatial planning, environment, housing and finance.

Bernhard Ensink was born 5th of September 1956 in Germany nearby the Dutch Border where his parents run a farm. After having got his diploma at the Gymnasium Nordhorn (D) he studied theology in Bethel/Bielefeld (D), Münster (D) and Kampen (NL) and followed courses for a diploma to teach German language. From 1980 to 1987 he taught German language and religions at secondary schools in the Netherlands. In 1987 he returned to the Theologische Universiteit Kampen (NL) for giving lectures on the History of Theology and doing research. He got his master degree in 1985 and his doctorate in 1995. He focused in his master thesis on ‘time and theology’ and in his PhD-thesis on the relationship between ‘Ethics and Theology’, analyzing the works of Joseph Butler (1692 -1752).

Bernhard Ensink lives with his family in Coevorden (NL), where he is a member of the city council and 2nd deputy of the chair of the council. Besides this he is a member of the ‘Governance committee’ of the Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten (Federation of Dutch local authorities).