Maciej Lisicki


Vice Mayor of Gdańsk, Poland

Maciej Lisicki is the Deputy President of the City of Gdansk, and the President of the Polish Union of Active Mobility (PUMA). He is the graduate of the Faculty of Civic Engineering of the Gdansk University of Technology who has also completed the postgraduate School of History of the University of Gdansk.During the martial law years (1981-1989) he was the member of the management structures of independent scout movement in Poland, in 1989 becoming one of the founding members of the newly created Union of Scouts of the Republic of Poland, later taking part in the reconstruction of Polish scouting in Lithuania, Belarus and Russia.Since 1990 connected with the Academic Housing Co-operative, becoming the President of its Board in 1997. He has then successfully conducted the pioneer investment housing project on the terrain occupied formerly by dwellers of substandard houses. Since 1998 he has been the member of the Gdańsk City Council, from 1998 till 2002 performing the function of its vice-president, representing among others the Polish towns and cities in the Union of Baltic Cities. In January 2007 he was nominated to the position of the Vice-president of the City of Gdansk responsible for management of public services, managing the process of improvement of the transport system of the city, housing development as well as planning and management of its water supply and sewage systems.In his spare time he collects old letters and postcards, being keenly interested in the history of the City of Gdańsk.

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