Cycle Quest: A Fun Ride


Cycle Quest lets you embark on an adventure that is part a bicycle treasure hunt, part urban exploration. Follow the surprising directions and answer the questions in your Cycle Quest booklet. Along the way, participants could discover history, cultural sights, and the hidden (cycling) secrets of Vienna.

  • Be curious!
  • Have fun!
  • Learn something new!
  • Move on!

Ccyle Quest Participants ride through the city, either on their own or in teams, and tried to answer all the questions of the Cycle QUESTionnaire.

Winners of the Cycle QUEST

The mysteries of the city were unraveled by Viktoria Slukan, Bicycle coordination office Canton Zürich, Switzerland. Congratulations, Viktoria! You won a free conference ticket for Velo-city Adelaide 2014!

1st price: Viktoria Slukan, Switzerland

2nd price: Caroline Ommeln & Jan Rickmeyer, Germany

3rd price: Alain Gosset, Belgium & Martin Rotter, Austria

The winners of the 2nd and 3rd price should look into their postbox soon!


1st price: Viktoria                                           2nd price: Caroline                          2nd price: Jan


3rd price: Alain                                                          3rd price: Martin