Marijke van Haaren


President of the Fietsersbond (Dutch Cycling Union), Netherlands

From June 2007 Marijke van Haaren has been the president of the Fietsersbond (Dutch Cycling Union) which campaigns for better cycling conditions in The Netherlands. The Dutch Cycling Union makes an effort for safe, fast and pleasant cycling. The way the Union wants to achieve this is through working on comfortable and fast cycling lanes, more and better parking space for bicycles, reducing theft and better safety in traffic. Marijke’s personal motto is “cycling when possible, driving when needed”.

Marijke started her political career in 1998 as a councilor in the town council of Ede (Gelderland). In this position she was responsible, amongst others, for social affairs and employment. Between 2003 and 2010 Marijke was a provincial minister of infrastructure, public transport, mobility and economics in the Province of Gelderland. Fewer traffic jams, less pollution and cleaner air have been her political aims during all these years.

After leaving active politics in 2011 Marijke took up the idea to make a difference in the field she got to know very well: the combination of traffic (in its widest sense) and economics. Beside presiding The Dutch Cycling Union she is also the president of three other national institutions in the field of sustainable mobility, namely The Dutch Federation of Inland Ports, The Zero Emission Bus Transport Foundation and the Taskforce Electric Transport.

Marijke intends to make transport & economics and the environment friendly neighbors, existing next to each other in a green manner now and in the future.