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Citybike Wien

Vienna is home of the worlds’ longest running bike sharing system: Citybike Wien started almost exactly a decade ago, and in this time JCDecaux implemented systems in more than 60 cities all over the world by this model. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day Citybikes are available at more than 100 rental stations to the Viennese and visitors alike, for the daily rides to directly reach their destination. And as the first hour of each ride is free, the service is usually used completely free of charge.

Participants of the Velo-city can use this service too of course. There are 96 Citybike stands around the town hall, and during the conference this service will be enhanced by way of two additional stations near the entrance with a total capacity of 80 Citybike stands.

To make your bike rental process easier and faster, and to receive a daily allowance of EUR 15.00 to cover costs of longer rides, please register yourself before the conference via

If you have any questions, please contact the Citybike team at [email protected].

And there’s more!

Additionally to the Citybike Wien service that’s available to everyone, nextbike is offering their bikes exclusively for all participants of the Velo-city.


Get your personal rental bike during the Velo-city!

There are hundreds of nextbikes in front of the cityhall which you can rent for free. At the registration desk you will receive a RadCard together with your congress documents. Please hold the card to one of the nextbike rental terminals and enter the number of the bike that you would like to rent. Now, you will receive the code for the combination lock and you are ready to go. You can use the rental bike free of charge throughout the whole event. Please always lock the bike properly. To return the bike, push it into one of the bike stands at the rental stations, lock it and confirm the return at the rental terminal. Please give back the RadCard together with your Velocity badge.

nextbike operates one of the largest public bike sharing systems worldwide. Founded in Leipzig in 2004, the company is present in more than 80 cities in Germany, Austria, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, the United Arabian Emirates and in New Zealand.

You can register as a nextbike customer independent of your participation in Velocity. Once registered, you can rent bicycles in every city and country. Registration and rentals are possible at the rental terminal, by calling +49 3069 2050 46, by app or online at

To make your bike rental process easier and faster, please register yourself before the conference via

Personal support at the bike-stations (Citybike Wien, nextbike) at the conference venue, City Hall:

Monday 10.6.2013 – 07.30-18.30

Tuesday 11.6.2013 – 07.30-18.30

Wednesday 12.6.2013 – 07.30-18.30

Thursday 13.6.2013 – 07.30-18.30

Friday 14.6.2013 – 07.30-18.30

Saturday 15.6.2013 – 07.30-18.30 (Deadline to bring back you free bike!)