Magnus Lincoln Quarshie


Magnus Lincoln Quarshie, Delin Consult Limited, Ghana

Magnus Lincoln Quarshie, FGhIE, is a transportation and traffic engineer. He has tremendous experience in the urban environment having participated in the Roads Rehabilitation and Traffic Management Scheme in Accra, where he performed the role of Assistant Resident Engineer for two years and Acting Chief Resident Engineer for one year.

Mr. Quarshie was involved in many transport projects and participated in making key traffic management decisions for Accra. Since obtaining his masters degree, he has developed special interest in safety, pedestrian traffic and the use of non-motorized transport in urban and rural areas. He has been responsible for reviewing existing traffic related studies and proposals for improving travelling in the central city zone and developing data formats and requirements of field studies for traffic and transport surveys. Mr. Quarshie has also planned, conducted and supervised traffic and household surveys and participated in public consultation to better understand the transportation needs of residents.

In addition to having prepared infrastructural and service schemes for the safe and efficient movement of passengers and goods within the central city zone and to the rest of city, particularly in regard to pedestrians, public transport and non-motorized transport users, Mr. Quarshie has prepared schemes for the identification of parking requirements, made provision of parking of vehicles along the selected corridors, and prepared a scheme to promote the use of public transport instead of the private car. He has provided on-the-job training to clients’ engineers and assisted in the preparation of relevant reports.

Most recently, he led the preparation of both the transport plan for the city of Kumasi and the non-motorised transport plan for the city of Tema.