Bernadette-Julia Felsch


Bernadette-Julia Felsch, City of Munich

Bernadette-Julia Felsch grew up in the south of Munich. After school she trained as a travel agent in Freiburg, where she specialized in train journeys. She also worked in several tourism-related jobs in Germany and abroad before becoming the mother of her now-15-year-old son.

From 2001 to 2004 Ms. Felsch studied public administration and law and began working for the City of Munich. When she became a staff member in the office of Mayor Hep Monatzeder in 2009, she first worked in the field of Communal Development Cooperation. In 2011 she received her diploma in political science and became a personal assistant to Mayor Monatzeder, who is known as Munich’s “bicycle mayor”.

Ms. Felsch is currently responsible for local bicycle policies, fair procurement and the encouragement of fair trade in Munich, and the empowerment of education for sustainable development. She loves riding her bike at any time and is Munich’s contact person for the “Working Group of Bicycle-Friendly Bavarian Municipalities” (AGFK Bayern). She also represents the City of Munich in the national working group of the German Municipalities of the United Nations Decade of ESD (Education for a Sustainable Development).