Roland Pfeiffer


Department for Cycling, City of Bern, Switzerland

Roland Pfeiffer, an Austrian by birth, studied planning at the Vienna University of Technology. After graduating he worked as a traffic planner for the Austrian Road Safety Board and for the City of Wels, Austria, before moving to Bern, Switzerland.

For more than 10 years he has tried to improve cycling conditions in Bern – a challenging job considering the city’s topography. Despite the hills and the competition posed by Bern’s excellent public transportation system, there are more cyclists every year cruising the city. A major part of Roland Pfeiffer’s work focuses on how the increasing number of city cyclists can harmoniously function side by side with public transport on the narrow streets of Bern.

Roland Pfeiffer also works for the Swiss cycling conference, a community of cycling planners in Switzerland. And when he isn’t working he’s usually out riding his bike.