Entela Shkreli


Executive Director of ‘GO2’, Albania

Entela Shkreli graduated at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport and Infrastructure by presenting the Master Thesis on Cycling Policy for Shkodra City. Since the transport management policies are very few developed on an institutional level, as well as in educational institutions, the Faculty Board has declared it as a very innovative thesis.About two years ago she was recruited for the MOBALB project (Urban Mobility in Albania) a cooperation between the Municipality of Shkodra, ‘Mobiel21′, a Belgian NGO and the Albanian Institute of Transport. There she gained knowledge on SUMP (sustainable urban mobility planning) and especially on cycling issues. The project was considered very successful.In September 2012, Entela together with very committed young professionals founded the NGO ‘GO2’, for which she was elected to be Executive Director. ‘GO2′ is the first non profit organisation of its kind in Albania. ‘GO2’ is committed to preserve and further strengthen the culture of walking and cycling in Albanian towns and areas in order to promote a better quality of life in our cities.