Jean Emmanuel Bakaba


Jean Emmanuel Bakaba, German Insurance Association, Germany

Jean Emmanuel Bakaba was born and grew up in Cameroon. He studied road and transportation infrastructure systems at the Dresden University of Technology, including a PhD.

He has been serving since 2001 as consultant and project manager at the German Insurers Accident Research, a department of the German Insurance Association in Berlin. He is specialized in planning, designing and improving safety of road and transportation infrastructure systems. His current areas of expertise are: analysis of accident trends and derivation of road safety policies, campaigns and research programs, consulting services for federal, state and communal authorities with regard to road safety issues, analysis of the impact of demographic changes on mobility, transportation infrastructure systems and road safety.Since 2012 he is member of Working Group 2 of the COST Action TU 1103 “Operation and Safety of Tramways in interaction with public spaces” and member of Sub-Working Group “Safety Performance Evaluation of Road Infrastructure” of the International Road Traffic Accident Database (IRTAD) of the OECD. He has been working since 2006 as member of several Working and Task Groups of the Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen (FGSV), the German Road and Transportation Association. 2010 he joined the Working Committee “Wald-Wild-AG” in Germany. Since 1998 he is individual member of the World Road Association (PIARC/AIPCR).

Jean Emmanuel Bakaba invests also a part of his spare time for benevolent engagements related to the development of transportation and energy infrastructure systems all over the world, especially in the African sub-Saharan region. This has led to the foundation of the Alliance for Renewable Energies and Road Safety in Africa (AESA) and he holds the chairmanship of AESA. He enjoys every opportunity to speak bassa’a in Berlin, by keeping close contacts with friends who speak his mother language in the German capital with the aim to develop a fruitfully and enjoyable life together. He supports also the bassa’a community in Cameroon as well as possible by the initiation and practical implementation of projects for an economic and social development of the region.