Hot Spot – SPAR


SPAR climate protection supermarket

The ’Bike & Buy’ project by SPAR sets a signal for shopping by bike: attractive bike stands at SPAR supermarkets make it easier to park your bicycle. Scientific studies were conducted to assess the willingness of consumers to shop by bike, and advertising campaigns aim to motivate customers and employees alike to switch to two wheels. In this way, SPAR actively helps to raise awareness regarding bike use. In 2010, SPAR inaugurated Vienna’s first climate protection supermarket. Due to a wide variety of innovative measures, this supermarket makes do with only half the energy consumption of a conventional outlet; its annual CO2 consumption is cut by 50 tonnes overall. The new SPAR outlet is also a bike-friendliness pioneer: the modern bike parking installation allows for safe parking and easy loading of bikes and in addition features a tire pump station and a charging point for shoppers using (electric) bikes.