Velo-city 2013 Photo Gallery


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Lightning Talk: Are Cyclists Good Customers?                       Podium Discussion: Marriage Counseling

Photo Credit: Wien Event_Forstner                                               Photo Credit: Wien Event_Forstner

Plenary: Cycling is a City Changer                                             Podium Discussion: Pedestrians Cyclists

Photo Credit: Wien Event_Forstner/Fürthner                               Photo Credit: Wien Event_Forstner/Fürthner

Bike Yoga Rathauspark                                                                      Mayors’ Summit

Photo Credit: Wien Event_Forstner                                                      Photo Credit: Wien Event_Benedikt Croy

Conference Opening                                                                             Velocity 2013 Press Briefing

Photo Credit: Wien Event_Benedikt Croy                                              Photo Credit: Wien Event_Benedikt Croy

Visionaries Welcome Breakfast                                                         Visionaries Awards Ceremony

Photo Credit: Wien Event_Croy/Forstner                                              Photo Credit: Wien Event_Benedikt Croy

Podium Discussion: Global Bicycle Policies Cultures                     Plenary: Urban Cycling Cultures

Photo Credit: Wien Event_Benedikt Croy                                               Photo Credit: Wien Event_Benedikt Croy

ECF Scientists for Cycling
                                                                Cities for Cyclists’ Workshop

Photo Credit: Wien Event_Benedikt Croy                                           Photo Credit: Wien Event_Benedikt Croy

ECF Networks Reception
                                                               VeloStyle. Bike Fashion Show

Photo Credit: Wien Event_Croy/Fürthner                                        Photo Credit: Mobilitätsagentur_Sebastian Philipp

Tweed Ride and Bicycle Picnic at Freudenau Racecourse

Photo Credit: Mobilitätsagentur_Sebastian Philipp