Learning from Velo-city 2013


The City of Vienna is committed to sustainable urban transport and has recently published a resolution (“Grundsatzbeschluss Radfahren in Wien”) positioning urban cycling as an integral element of the city’s mobility concept. With the aim of reaching a 10% cycling mode share by 2015, Vienna places emphasis on urban cycling and declared 2013 the Vienna Bike Year. The city also hosted the Velo-city 2013 conference, which provided relevant new insights to empower Vienna’s cycling strategy.

With the crowdsourcing initiative “Learning from Velo-city 2013″ we reached out during summer 2013 to all conference participants. The goal was to share experiences collected during Velo-city 2013 and to single out those discourses and outcomes of the conference that can be helpful to further evolve urban cycling in Vienna.

The following themes were represented in the survey:

  • Cooperation and Promotion
  • Cycling Infrastructure
  • Bike Sharing
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Urban Planning and Administration

Selected results of the crowdsourcing have been included in the “Vienna Cycling Manifesto“.

Many thanks to all participants in the crowdsourcing!

If you have any questions or further material you want to share please send us an email.

Your Velo-city 2013 Team