Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT)

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    Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT)

    The HEAT tool calculates cycling’s benefits to society and shows that cycling reduces mortality. Calculating the financial benefits of cycling to a community is a complex task. But it’s made easy by the HEAT online calculator of health benefits from cycling, developed by the WHO. Austria is already saving more than €1,200 per person every read more

    30 May 2013

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    A BIKE BASE for Ljubljana

    BIKE BASE Trimo Urban Crash Competition Ljubljana is becoming an increasingly cycling-friendly city and new cycling-infrastructure is needed to facilitate this process. As the number of cyclists in Ljubljana (and elsewhere) is growing, the need for cyclist-friendly stops and small repair stations grows along with it. New infrastructure can make more people use bicycles and read more

    03 April 2013

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    Vienna Winter Cycling

    More and more cyclists in Vienna refuse to let the cold and wet winter weather discourage them. From 2010 to 2012, the number of cyclists at the permanent counting stations operated by the City of Vienna has been steadily on the rise. To ensure that cycling remains an attractive mobility option throughout the year and read more

    21 December 2012