Visiting the Embacher Collection

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    Visiting the Embacher Collection

    We were told that collecting bicycle is dangerous. Every bicycle has several stories, a story of production, a story of cultural context and manifold stories of use during its lifetime. So collecting bicycles is also always about collecting stories and meaning, a cultural endeavour in itself. The Viennese architect Michael Embacher embarked on this journey read more

    09 June 2013

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    Velo-citizen: Renate Laffin

    The September winner of a free package for the Velo-city 2013 Conference in Vienna has been identified. The lucky one is Renate Laffin, who works for the consultancy agency Modern Mobility. We asked her a few questions about her motivations to attend Velo-city 2013 and her expectations from the conference. Velo-city 2013: How did you read more

    28 September 2012

  • Cycling Stories

    The Velo-city 2013 conference in Vienna will be discussing the topic of cycling cultures. To show how diverse cycling cultures can be, the team of Velo-city 2013 decided to blog about examples of cultural projects related to the bicycle, about the culture of (urban) cycling and about other interesting cultural phenomena from the (bi)cycling world. read more

    29 August 2012

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    Cycling Portrait: Carla

    “To me, cycling in Vienna means freedom. My bike is my transportation in the city, and my favorite thing is to ride the “green wave“ on well-marked bike paths, which there could easily be more of!” Carla, Executive, 61 years

    14 August 2012

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    Cycling Portrait: Mankala

    “My bike is very important to me. I transport heavy loads of newspapers with it daily. Unfortunately, this often means a flat rear tyre. I would love to have a good industrial bike.” Mankala, News Vendor, 29 years

    12 August 2012

  • VC2013_CyclingPortraits_C-PS_1925

    Cycling Portrait: Birgit

    “I find cycling in Vienna to be cool, because the city and its size really suit me. Riding my road bike I am almost always in a good mood, which is good because I definitely put 20,000 km behind me every year. It only saddens me sometimes, when I have to use bike lanes where read more

    10 August 2012

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    Cycling Portrait: Oliver

    “Cycling in Vienna is absolutely vital for me, and a beautiful thing. When delivering suits I save a lot of time, because I don’t have to look for a parking place. In addition, I can leave my bike standing anywhere because it’s so old and worn out that no one would steal it!” Oliver, Tailor, read more

    10 August 2012