Bankers and e-bike: a perfect fit!

  • VC13_CS_ERSTE_E-Bike-1

    Bankers and e-bike: a perfect fit!

    Erste Group/Erste Bank with its headquarters in Vienna uses e-bikes as the perfect alternative for short ‘business trips’ within the city. Erste Group runs its business from a number of locations scattered throughout the city centre of Vienna. For meetings or simple face-to-face discussions, our colleagues often walk or travel many kilometres by taxi or read more

    07 June 2013

  • VC13_CS_stilrad-EvaBlut-CycleChic_1

    stilrad°° & EVA BLUT feat. CYCLE CHIC

    During the Vienna Bike Week and Velo-city conference, the showroom of stilrad°° & EVA BLUT will be transformed into a meeting-point with one key focus: to celebrate urban cycling as a lifestyle in co-operation with the bike blog VIENNA CYCLE CHIC. For a few days, the shop will morph into a hotspot for bike fans, read more

    04 June 2013

  • VC13_CS_HEAT_cyclevie2

    Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT)

    The HEAT tool calculates cycling’s benefits to society and shows that cycling reduces mortality. Calculating the financial benefits of cycling to a community is a complex task. But it’s made easy by the HEAT online calculator of health benefits from cycling, developed by the WHO. Austria is already saving more than €1,200 per person every read more

    30 May 2013

  • VC13_CS_CDPH_bike-campus-meeting-point_D_Wisniewska

    A Campus Design & Policy Handbook

    Students are known for living on the edge. Their lives are packed full of academic work and socialising, with little time for sleep. This lifestyle demands mobility with 24/7 flexibility on and off campus, all on a student budget. The bicycle is perfect for them. This is why university towns frequently have the largest numbers read more

    24 May 2013

  • scientistsforcycling

    How to double cycling in Europe

    ECF’s Scientists for Cycling network is set to hold its annual conference on 10 June in Vienna. Scientists from all over the world will discuss ways to increase cycling in Europe and will present their ideas. We have met three of them and wanted to know how research can help people to cycle more often. read more

    15 May 2013

  • 7002131931_ca49f131b8_o_C_astorg_flickr

    Why Africa needs more cycling

    Velo-city 2013 in Vienna will be the world’s biggest conference on urban cycling. The conference does not only attract traffic planners and politicians from all over the globe, it’s also going to see some of Africa’s best and brightest bicycle experts. We had a chat to Osita Benjamin Chidoka, Chief Executive of the Federal Road read more

    19 April 2013

  • Schulterblick1

    Cycling Empowerment in Vienna

    What does “cycling empowerment” mean? Cycling empowerment refers to responsibility, self-confidence and technology. Children and young people learn to repair bicycles and are given one afterwards for their efforts. Children and students are involved in spatial and transport planning with an eye to bicycle use. Repair shops offer the possibility of repairing one’s own bike read more

    04 April 2013

  • TUC_2013_POSTER

    A BIKE BASE for Ljubljana

    BIKE BASE Trimo Urban Crash Competition Ljubljana is becoming an increasingly cycling-friendly city and new cycling-infrastructure is needed to facilitate this process. As the number of cyclists in Ljubljana (and elsewhere) is growing, the need for cyclist-friendly stops and small repair stations grows along with it. New infrastructure can make more people use bicycles and read more

    03 April 2013

  • wienwestbikeentry_boing

    Urban Design Studio Velocity

    Implementing Vienna’s cycle way network: during the winter semester 2012/2013, the Department of Landscape Planning and Garden Design and IVV TU Wien (Research Center of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering of Vienna University of Technology) organised a practice-oriented design course for students of architecture, civil engineering and spatial planning with a focus on continuing the read more

    04 March 2013

  • LRKLogo6acopy

    The Cargo Bike Collective

    What is fast, economical, needs no parking space, can transport a few kids or bulky objects (e.g. a washer) through the city, even handle a move – and is not a car? Well, the cargo bike. Cargo bikes have a long history that actually goes back to the origins of the bicycle itself. This (still) read more

    30 January 2013

  • VC13_Vienna Streets_02

    Why is cycling so emotional?

    Since the numbers of cyclists in Vienna are increasing, there is also a growing number of conflicts in the streets of Vienna. Vienna features a dense inner city where space to expand cycling lanes is scarce and parking spaces are sacred. The City Government’s support for cycling and green transport is a very valuable long-term read more

    10 January 2013

  • VC13_C_CS_MA48_1

    Vienna Winter Cycling

    More and more cyclists in Vienna refuse to let the cold and wet winter weather discourage them. From 2010 to 2012, the number of cyclists at the permanent counting stations operated by the City of Vienna has been steadily on the rise. To ensure that cycling remains an attractive mobility option throughout the year and read more

    21 December 2012

  • Fahrradhaus_Wien_front

    The Vienna Cycling House

    In 2010, the City of Vienna decided to raise the bicycle modal share within the city from 5% to 10% over a five-year period, i.e. until 2015. Since then, various measures and new initiatives have been launched to attain this goal. In this, the City of Vienna is pursuing a three-tiered strategy of infrastructure improvement, read more

    11 September 2012

  • Oliver-O-Brien_featured

    Velo-citizen: Oliver O’Brien

    The first winner of a free conference package has been identified. It is Mr. Oliver O’Brien, researcher at The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at University College London. We asked him a few questions to introduce Mr. Oliver O’Brien as one of the lucky winners – the Velo-citizens – receiving a free attendance to read more

    30 August 2012

  • VC2013_CyclingPortraits_C-PS_1925

    Cycling Portrait: Birgit

    “I find cycling in Vienna to be cool, because the city and its size really suit me. Riding my road bike I am almost always in a good mood, which is good because I definitely put 20,000 km behind me every year. It only saddens me sometimes, when I have to use bike lanes where read more

    10 August 2012