The Cargo Bike Collective

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    The Cargo Bike Collective

    What is fast, economical, needs no parking space, can transport a few kids or bulky objects (e.g. a washer) through the city, even handle a move – and is not a car? Well, the cargo bike. Cargo bikes have a long history that actually goes back to the origins of the bicycle itself. This (still) read more

    30 January 2013

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    Cycle Cinema Club in Vienna

    Cycle Cinema Club is a pedal-powered open-air cinema that was started 2012 in Vienna. The initiative by IG Fahrrad and IndyAct Vienna follows a Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) approach as viewers crank up e-bikes as generators powering the cinema but also bring along what they need in terms of cinema supplies (blankets, chairs, food, popcorn, drinks etc.). read more

    18 June 2012