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Advocacy and Social Projects

On a global scale and in multiple cultural contexts, cycling is currently undergoing a (re)naissance with more and more people adding their expertise and creativity to the cycling agenda. In this process, (bi)cycling advocates aim to raise public acceptance for urban cycling. The work of cycling advocates is confronted with very diverse challenges that are dependent on both cultural and geographical contexts and the maturity of local cycling cultures. Cycling advocates also employ various innovative strategies based on the respective cycling advocacy group, which may e.g. be a large policy-making association or a small group of activists. The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme seeks projects that demonstrate fresh approaches to cycling advocacy.

Cycles are also widely used for projects dealing with social issues or embedded in a humanitarian context. Such projects show the potential of cycling to foster social equity and economic opportunities on a small scale. In times of ecological and economic crisis, (bi)cycles may offer new ways for (urban) communities to organise mobility and the functioning of society. It is the goal of the Cycling Visionaries Awards to look out for initiatives that use the bicycle for humanitarian or social causes.

Some thematic fields (non-exhaustive): cycling advocacy / branding strategies / social media for cycling advocacy / media content for cycling advocacy / PR and campaigns for cycling advocacy / innovative events for cycling advocacy / cycling and empowerment / etc.

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Science, Research and Development

Cycling has numerous benefits for the individual, for society and (of course) for the planet. At this point, many of these benefits are not yet fully understood and quantified, or still contested. Moreover, cycling advocacy and policy-making depend on “hard facts” to enable them to successfully lobby for cycling in public administration and government bodies. Despite being relatively unchanged over roughly a century, (bi)cycles harbour many unexplored aspects for scientific enquiry and interdisciplinary research projects. The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme seeks projects and initiatives that fill the current gap in cycling knowledge by providing new scientific approaches, research and development. Interdisciplinary projects are strongly encouraged to submit their results and findings. The bicycle was, and still is, an object for which new technological innovations are developed and tested. Currently, the bicycle is an innovative object in terms of ICT and ITS applications or for the application of new lightweight materials. It is the objective of the Cycling Visionaries Awards to search for ideas and projects that address the question of how bicycles and their use can be innovated or even rethought.

Some thematic fields (non-exhaustive): economics / social sciences / health / physiology / urban research / cycling technology / information technology / etc.

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Design, Fashion and Cycling Equipment

Designers and innovators are increasingly engaged in creating new hardware and fashions developed with cycling as the primary use case in mind. The design of cycling accessories and fashions for cycling is a growing market as even many large brands discover cyclists as (pedal) powerful customers. Cycling equipment – ranging from high-end fashion to functional clothing or cycling accessories – is an increasingly important field for designers.

Cycle design, too, is a growing branch for creative thinkers innovating bicycles, e-bikes and cargo cycles. Thus the right cycle design can facilitate the use of pedal-powered vehicles for creative projects and urban interventions. Cargo-cycle adaptations or specific (bi)cycle designs support newly evolving and mobile urban economies and humanitarian projects.

The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme seeks ideas and projects that open up new perspectives for the hardware and fashions used by cyclists in everyday cycling.

Some thematic fields (non-exhaustive): cycle design / fashion design / up-cycling and recycling / design of cycling gear / cycle technology, etc.

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Urban Planning and Urban Design supported by Cycling Visionaries Award supported by SRAM

When it comes to urban cycling, the urban fabric in which we cycle must not be ignored, either. Cycling is facilitated tremendously by the right kind of infrastructure and urban layout, no matter whether the setting is a post-industrial city or a megacity in the developing world. People engaged in creating the cities of the future are key stakeholders if cycling is to be successfully employed as a suitable transportation mode for the 21st century. We have to start thinking now about how we can make cities fit for the bicycle as the most important and sustainable mode of transport. If supported by the right urban planning and urban design, cycling can be a city changer and able to transform neighbourhoods into livelier, economically more active and socially more inclusive places.

The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme seeks ideas, projects and visions on how the cities of the future could welcome and support the increased use of (bi)cycles. Contributions should demonstrate how (bi)cycles will become a vital element of a sustainable city of the future.

Some thematic fields (non-exhaustive):
urban planning / urban design / infrastructure design / architecture / open space design / landscape architecture / landscape urbanism / bicycle urbanism / etc.

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Cycling and the Arts

Since their invention, (bi)cycles have been inspiring creative minds, and the bicycle is still a widespread topos in the arts. Artworks can fascinate viewers and put cycling on the agenda as a new topic. In the arts, (bi)cycles can either be a subject in themselves – the (bi)cycle as art object – or used to support art projects as vehicles or performance tools. Ranging from street art to music or film, (bi)cycles are a great tool and object for artistic work, and creative and cycling cultures often evolve very closely to artistic production. Artworks related to cycling allow for a demonstration of cycling diversity and cycling cultures as represented by artistic production.

The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme seeks artistic projects with a thematic focus on the bicycle and which aim to support the transition towards increased bicycle use. Initiatives, ideas and projects may originate from the entire spectrum of artistic representation including visual, literary or performing arts.

Some thematic fields (non-exhaustive): composition / sound / video / graphic design / fine arts / street art / programming / hardware hacking / animation / digital media / etc.

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